• Manned Guarding

    At Ryder Scott Security Services we provide reliable and dependable manned guarding services.

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  • Patrolling Customer Facilities

    We provide excellent VIP security services that are dependable and trusted.

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    VIP Security Photo
  • Private Business Security

    Access & Admission Control

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  • Emergency Response

    We provide dependable,timely and trusted emergency response services for all types of religious centers.

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  • Visitor Escorting

    We provide excellent visitor escorting services for private companies, organizations, among others.

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Private Security

We provide excellent private security services such as VIP security, private business security, government institutions, religious centers, hire security, surveillance, access and admission control, e.t.c

Threat Assessment

We provide excellent security assessment services for VIPs, private businesses, government institutions, religious centers, customer facilities, among others. We assess both current and future security threats.


At Ryder Scott Security Services we pride our selves in our reliability, dependability and trust worthiness that has been built between us and our customers for a while now. We assure our customers the best streamlined services delivery.

Who We Are

RYDER SCOT SECURITY SERVICES (RSS) is private security company registered in Uganda with experienced personnel and management team. We employ ex-servicemen of reputable character; and empower them to lead a rewarding life after service in national security forces. Our mission is to give our clients peace of mind as they focus on their work and life feeling safe in their environment. Read more 



We work in close collaboration with Ministry of Defence and Veterans of Uganda and other security agencies to vet and only employ people of good reputation and moral standing. Read more 

How We Deliver


At Ryder Scott Security Services it is critical to our operations to understand and manage the risks and threats (both real and potential) to our clients and their property. Read more 



At Ryder Scott Security Services we employ people with proven experience to keep themselves safe, their people and their property safe; their nation and its neighbors safe. Read more