• We employ people with proven experience to keep themselves safe, their people and their property safe; their nation and its neighbors safe.
  • We employ people who have years of experience in discerning the environment for possible security threats.
  • We employ people who know that customers’ security is their security. Attentive and service minded people.
  • We employ people who were trained to do security work, respect people and their property by keeping them safe in different sets of environment.
  • We empower them to do the best on their jobs and train them; in customer care; counter-terrorism courses and new security details in changing world events.
  • We give our staff sense of purpose and personal accountability; because we know that motivated team is central in performing well on daily basis.


  • We work in close collaboration with Ministry of Defence and Veterans of Uganda and other security agencies to vet and only employ people of good reputation and moral standing.
  • We closely work with our clients and potential clients to identify and precisely understand their security needs; then serve them to safeguard their peace of mind.


  • It is critical to our operations to understand and manage the risks and threats (both real and potential) to our clients and their property.
  • It is also central to our operations that we offer reassurance that any threat can be quickly identified and effectively resolved. So we will:
    • Assess all risks –real and potential- and keep clients informed to ensure effective security planning.
    • Provide physical protection duties- our security officers are highly trained and experienced; ready to maintain the client’s personal safety.
    • Deploy the necessary technology to ensure that communication is effective.
  • We pride in excellent customer care services and take an extra mile to:
    • Meet the agreed upon Key Performance Indicators like; appearance and grooming, time keeping, deployment, supervision, security and events log and time documentation.
    • Extend a warm welcome to all clients, their guests and visitors.
    • Keep our work area tidy and free of distractions and take ownership of entire manned space.
  • Ultimately, we will strive to leave visitors/clients with a positive impression of their experience with our services.